Please let us introduce you to the Swedish pop group Laptop Singers!

Laptop Singers consist of the two brothers Per Andersson and Lars Andersson. Together, they create magical and glittering pop music in which you can hear echoes of classical pop and rock music as well as modern, contemporary hit music.

The two brothers have had a number of different music projects throughout the years, but for the last couple of years they focus solely on their group Laptop Singers. Having one foot in traditional songwriting and the other foot in contemporary pop music, they strive to create strong and beautiful melodies paired with relevant and meaningful lyrics.

Originating from Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, Per and Lars Andersson have made music since their early teenage years and released music under a number of different names — among them Revolver, Combo Digital och Smile.

In 1993, the two brothers released the single Welcome to This World (Born in the 90’s) under the group name Smile on the record label Virgin Music. During the following years, they mainly worked with the publishing company Peermusic in Stockholm in order to establish themselves as songwriters for other artists.

Following a long period where the two brothers mainly had been involved in different, separate music projects, they decided in autumn 2019 to re-awake their musical dreams — this time under the moniker Laptop Singers.

As a start, they reworked and finished some older songs, resulting in the first album Eternal Classics released in March 2020.

Immediately after this, they started to write and record a number of completely new songs. During 2021, they released four singles and the album Let There Be Pop.

This was followed in 2022 by the album Laptop Singers and Friends, where the brothers were guested by a number of guest artists – among them the singers Judy St. Clarke, Chris Cron, Roger Arvidson and Mikael Claes. The album contained no less than four singles: Are You Ready for Love?, Le Love, Time for a Change and Are We Cool?

So far, 2023 has been the busiest year ever for Laptop Singers with a number of singles and three long awaited live performances. Most recently, Laptop Singers have released the single Just Keep Walking, which is the first song from the upcoming album Eternal Life – soon to be released!

Laptop Singers are the perfect pop group for any music listener longing for a modern sound combined with classical songwriting. Laptop Singers create the kind of pop music you have been longing for — just press play and let Laptop Singers be the soundtrack to your life!  

Please let us welcome you to the world of Laptop Singers — Let There Be Pop!

Best regards 
Laptop Singers